William and Mary Irene Daniger established our company in 1939 in St. Anthony, Idaho. The first winter was tough on business, but they held fast with their $200 inventory and a case of salmon to eat.

Established in 1939 - Daniger Furniture

When spring hit, so did the customers. Daniger Furniture was a huge success, offering high-quality furniture, exceptional service, and a friendly smile.

Quality furniture

Throughout the years, we've moved to a warmer climate in Garden Grove, California.

With a new location came a new employee, Mike Daniger. The store was handed down to Mike and Sue Daniger in 1974.

Ran by a 3rd generation

Currently, the store is operated in Lodi, California, by our 3rd generation, Curt and Susan. They're committed to bringing you the timeless beauty of quality furniture. All of their brands stand behind their products. They're constantly watching for the best deals and savings opportunities for people just like you.
Family Picture — Living Room Set in Lodi, CA
Shop Old Photo — Living Room Set in Lodi, CA
Living room furniture — Living Room Set in Lodi, CA
We're the oldest family-owned and operated company in San Joaquin!